Magnum1 24/7 Radio is a fresher take on modern day radio. Where the professionalism of FM dial stations are combined with energy of talented Caribbean and American Disc Jockey's and hosts. This station, formed by the Team Magnum DJ's, will allow you end your channel surfing and get all the music you love from various stations plus much more, in one place.

The Team Magnum DJs were established in 2009. DJ RaH RahH, DJ SpeedE, & DJ Echo had an idea of putting together a "crew" of DJs. Inspired by such groups as the Heavy Hitters, Big Dawg Pit Bulls, Movement Squad & more, they felt they had the ability to assemble a group of their own. We can't say how the name "Team Magnum" came about, let's just say it's a funny story lol. To date there are 18 members on the team. 15 active and 3 inactive at the moment.